My name is Jim Hildebrandt, I’m the primary owner/operator of FIXATRON HVAC. I’m licensed in SC and NC as an HVAC/Mechanical Contractor and I’ve been in the business for over 9 years. I enjoy having a small business as it allows me more flexibility with scheduling, lower operating costs, and lower prices for my customers. I enjoy being thorough in my work, so keeping things simple tends to leave me with more time to do things right.

I can service or install any brand of air conditioner, but the brands I stand behind most are GOODMAN®, DAIKIN®, and GREE® systems. These brands have a great track record and in my experience their manufacturers put a noticeably higher amount of consideration toward their customers, both dealers and homeowners.


Having a dozen years of experience in residential construction, I tend to look at the bigger picture in a house, not just the nameplate on the air conditioner. Efficiency and longevity are important to me, and I try to treat every system as if it were my own.

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